In today’s global marketplace, communication is increasingly a key skill. Being able to function without misunderstandings between parties of varying cultures, with varying languages, can be the difference between an organization’s closing a deal, or missing out on an opportunity. Even people who are traveling for fun will gain a more profound understanding of the culture and will find their way easier if they are familiar with the language.

GML’s vision is to bring students into the 21st century through innovation and modern technology, making learning a new language convenient and fun. Most importantly we believe in providing each student with the tools they need to advance on their own. With our suite of learning tools and resources, we enable learners to master the basics of a language in a short period of time, including the colloquialisms and idioms that there are no exact translations for. Once the basic grammar and structure of a language has been mastered, students are well equipped to pursue further immersion in it.

It is our mission and long-term responsibility to transform GML through the effective use of technology making learning a new language convenient, effective and most of all enjoyable.

Great Minds Learn.