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Great Minds Learn Terms and Conditions

 Pre Application Inquiries

  • It is the responsibility of prospective students and applicants to ensure that the online language course they are applying for is the course they want to study. Students must research the course contents, duration, awarding body and fees prior to enrollment. GML cannot be held responsible for any such error on the part of applicants nor will GML be obliged to refund any tuition fee paid because the course was not what was expected.

To help ensure you choose the right product, GML provides free trials in the Virtual Classroom as well as consultations prior to enrollment.


Payment Requirements

  • Students are required to pay the relevant tuition fees prior to commencement of the online language education course. All tuition fees or deposit must be paid to GML.
  • Live Small Group and Private Tutoring Courses are subject to a minimum number of students and instructor availability. Failure to attend classes does not relieve students of responsibility to pay the tuition fee.
  • GML accepts no responsibility for any tuition fees /deposit paid to an agent or to a third party.


Refund of Tuition Fees

  • Paid tuition fees are refundable at the discretion of GML provided the student is seriously ill and/or is not in a fit mental or physical state to attend classes (a medical letter or other amenable documentation must be provided as proof).
  • If a student voluntarily withdraws from the online language course for any discretionary reason, no refund will be payable by GML.
  • GML will process any legitimate refund within 1 month.  Refunds are 100% at the discretion of GML.


Terms of Payment for Installment Plans

  • Single Payment Option -If you elect to pay the purchase price in a single payment, the full purchase price will be charged to the payment method you select on the purchase   acceptance page (“Order Page”) on the date the order is placed (“Purchase Date”).
  • Installment Payment Plan Option (if available*) – If you elect to pay via an available Installment Payment plan option, the full payment price will be charged in the applicable number of installments. The first payment (plus any applicable shipping and tax on the total purchase price), will be charged to the payment account you selected on the Order Page on the Purchase Date. Thereafter, your account will be charged each month for the remaining number of payments of the plan you selected, with 0% APR and no interest charged from Great Minds Learn.


* Installment Payment Plan options are made available on packages of 10 or more lessons only.

Installment Payment Cancellation

  • Cancellations submitted 30 days before the service is scheduled to begin will be processed immediately, no questions asked.
  • Cancellations submitted less than 30 days before the service is scheduled to begin are still required to pay GML the amount owed under the installment plan agreement.


In the event that you want to cancel your installment agreement plan or want to make other arrangements, contact Great Minds Learn directly on 1-800-225-9498 or email us at: billing@greatmindslearn.com.


Installment Payment Default

  • If you default on a payment you agree that Great Minds Learn shall have the right to terminate your access to any of the online service features of your purchase provided through the product or service. To avoid termination contact GML in advance to make other arrangements.
  • If you voluntarily withdraw from the service or product for any discretionary reason, no refund will be payable by GML.  Under this installment plan agreement you’re still required to pay GML the amount owed.

(Revised -July, 2013)
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