Christopher Gallagher - French InstructorChristopher Gallagher – French Instructor

Christopher Gallagher is the former Managing Director and head of International Career Development Programs at the French-American Chamber of Commerce in New York. Chris was also the national coordinator for the French Chamber network in the United States. He worked at the French-American Chamber of Commerce in a leadership capacity for over a decade.

Prior to his career at the French Chamber, Chris was an educator at two prestigious private college preparatory schools and a tutor for Ivy-League-bound secondary students in French. He is recognized as a Professeur du Lauréat by the American Association of Teachers of French.

Chris is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts where he received a double degree in French and History. His translation work was published in the Holy Cross literary magazine. He is a published editor and translator of French legal documents.

Chris also studied at the Université des Sciences Humaines in Strasbourg, France and at the Institut de Touraine in Tours, France.

Ana López-Eiranova - Spanish InstructorAna López-Eiranova – Spanish Instructor

Ana is a passionate yet experienced Native Spanish Teacher. For the last eight years she has taught children ages 6 – 12, writing skills, reading comprehension, speaking, and listening skills. Her expertise includes the facilitation of both, beginner and advance levels Spanish courses, in which Ana translated English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to English.

Ana holds a Computer Science Degree and with such creativity and resourcefulness has merged her love for technology and Spanish together. She is well qualified to teach Spanish in the thriving business and online technology market.

With a wealth of experience in developing lessons plans, meticulous classroom management and people skills Ana has come to join the staff of GML as an online Instructor.

José Figueroa - Spanish InstructorJosé Figueroa – Spanish Instructor

José Figueroa is a certified Teacher of Spanish. He has been teaching for over 20 years in pre-k to college level environments. He studied Spanish Literature at Middlebury College in Vermont and received his B.A. in Spanish from William Paterson University, in Wayne NJ. He also has a Masters in Secondary Education from Kutztown University, in Kutztown, PA and has over 36 online credits towards a Masters in Educational Technology from Full Sail University, in Fl.

José has a passion for teaching and believes that technology is a productivity tool for learning. He believes that ”If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” -Nelson Mandela

Nathalie Hamon - French InstructorNathalie Hamon – French Instructor

Nathalie Hamon is a French Language Expert, Teacher and Italian-French Translator. Since 2011 she has taught in both the private and public school sector.

Her Alliance Française includes; the D.E.L.F. (Diplôme d’Etudes de la Langue Française)French Association and collaboration as a fully qualified examiner endorsed by the French D.E.L..F. (Diplôme d’Etudes de la Langue Française) examination at levels A1/ A2/ B1/ B2.

With Masters degrees in International Marketing and Foreign Languages, Foreign Languages and Economics as well as Multimedia Training via Interactive Whiteboard.

Khalif Neval - Arabic InstructorKhalif Neval – Arabic Instructor

Khalif Neval has been teaching Arabic as a second language for over 15 years. He graduated from Sana’a University in 1994 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and started teaching English in the Yemeni Public School System shortly after. Also during this time, he started to teach Arabic to foreign students at the Yemen Language Center (YLC), Middle Eastern Studies, in Sana’a. He was an instructor at this institute for four years. During these years he gained experience teaching all levels, both in group and individual settings. In 2000 after moving to America, he began teaching elementary and adult students at the Islamic School of Seattle (ISS). From 2004 – 2010 he taught Arabic at Seattle Language Academy (SLA). He taught at this institute until it closed in 2010. He has worked with people from many different cultures, backgrounds, and language learning abilities. He is adept at focusing on what each student as an individual needs to help them learn best.

Lisa Harwick - Mandarin InstructorLisa Harwick – Mandarin Instructor

Before joining GML Lisa Harkwick was tenth grade Mandarin teacher at Saint David’s School in New York. She implemented the use of such technology as iPads into her daily instructions with her students, leveraging her abilities to implement interactive studies. Lisa has consistently utilized the “Teaching for Understanding” methodology, which was her motivation for designing a new Mandarin studies curriculum for her students.

Prior to her time at Saint David’s, she taught curricula rooted in hands-on, inquiry-based learning in genetics, sports and food science. Lisa started as a teaching assistant at the Transfiguration Kindergarten School in New York City, where she facilitated individual tutorials, specifically to English language learners. Her educational experience includes a B.S. in Childhood Education with a concentration in history and an M.S. in secondary education and social studies, both from St. John’s University (Jamaica, New York). She is a New York certified teacher.

Her personal interest includes the loves of arts, frequenting museums and live music venues, as well as taking dance classes for both fitness and fun. She especially enjoys food and embracing and adventurous cuisines. She a frequent traveler and often chooses destinations that revolve around the Mandarin language.

Kathren Avale - Italian InstructorKathren Avale – Italian Instructor

Born and raised in northern Italy, Kathreen Avale completed graduate studies in Psychology and worked for the power company Enel. In 2007 she moved to Los Angeles, beginning her “American life” as a military wife. Shortly after starting to work in the Psychology field, she also became an Italian teacher at Paraway Adult School. She is enthusiastic about sharing her native language and culture with her students. She enjoys helping them understand, succeed and have fun during class. Her favorite interests are in arts, theater, yoga and traveling. She loves spending her free time with her husband, little daughter and friends.

Jayla Denaro - Portuguese InstructorJayla Denaro – Portuguese Instructor

Jayla Denaro taught Portuguese in the Bay Area for more than 30 years. She grew up in south Bahia, Brazil. She went on to attend the federal university in Salvador where she graduated with a degree in law. Jayla first came to the United States as an exchange where she attended South Dakota University.
Over the years, she has taught and examined Portuguese at all levels, from ‘holiday’ courses to under- and post-graduate programs. Her linguistic background and wide teaching experience have come together in the production of Portuguese learning materials that combine sound information with a flexible and user-friendly approach.
Jayla is looking forward to being a part of the GML team and working with the online students. She hopes to transfer her enthusiasm for Portuguese to her students.

Lance Swaray - French InstructorLance Swaray – French Instructor

Lance Swaray is so pleased to be joining the GML team this year. He is a recent graduate of the Global Education Program at the University of Ottawa, a unique program that aims to integrate themes of peace and justice, human rights, environmental sustainability and international development into existing curriculum.

Prior to pursuing a B. Ed, he taught survival English to immigrants and refugees in Surrey, BC and tutored French and English. Additionally, he holds a B.A. in Anthropology from McGill University and is certified to teach French as a Second Language (FSL). He is a believer in life-long learning and very passionate about the environment, human rights, mathematics, music and travel. He lived in three Canadian provinces and has traveled to over 30 countries

James Cho Chen - Mandarin InstructorJames Cho Chen – Mandarin Instructor

James has 10 years of experience teaching Mandarin and Chinese culture at a Chinese language school in New York. He has developed a variety of his own teaching methods to help students make connections between Chinese and English. Describing himself as cordial, candid and very creative, James’ creative abilities were recognized recently when he was awarded several honors for his calligraphy abilities in China.

Through teaching Mandarin and Chinese James is afforded the opportunity to share the spirit and vigor of his nation with people from around the world. His teaching philosophy is to develop methods to inspire students to find their own personal way of learning Mandarin and Chinese. He believes in making it fun.

Dr. Naseem Heam - Arabic InstructorDr. Naseem Heam – Arabic Instructor

Dr. Naseem Heam was born in Morocco and has lived in U.S. for over 20 years. He majored in Arabic and French in high school, holds a BA in International Relations, MA in Leadership and Management, and a Doctorate in Organizational Behavior & Education Leadership. Naseem has taught Arabic and French at WAL since 2010. Before teaching at WAL, he taught Arabic in high school and college levels. Additionally, he spent five years teaching in Japan, and is currently working with OWN, a non-profit organization to introduce the Arabic language in Seattle and Hawaii. He is also a globe traveler and speaks fluently in Arabic, French, English, and Spanish.

Jackleen Maustre - French InstructorJackleen Maustre – French Instructor

Jackleen Maustre and was born near Paris. She earned her Master’s in French as a foreign language at the Sorbonne University. Jackleen started teaching by giving French lessons in different schools, associations and at universities. She’s been teaching French for 9 years and describes it as her passion! Communicating her knowledge about the French language, learning about the different cultures around the world but mainly meeting new people is what she enjoys most. Jackleen is looking forward to teaching French and making fun, motivating and enthusiastic lessons while adapting to the online student’s pace and individual needs. She is attracted to online teaching because of its flexibility and the spontaneity of teaching online which gives her the opportunity to improve her teaching techniques and skills.

Laverne Spool - Italian InstructorLaverne Spool – Italian Instructor

Laverne Spool is an experienced Italian teacher, holding a first class honors degree in modern Italian language and literature from the University of Rome. She has pursued graduate work, in Linguistics Studies in the UK as well as teaching Italian language and culture at Ca Foscari University in Venice. Laverne has a particular affinity for England and has taught extensively at the Oxford Brookes University. She has conducted adult education classes at all levels in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, and private tuition for children and adults.

Jenna Del Carroll - Spanish InstructorJenna Del Carroll – Spanish Instructor

Jenna Del Carroll is a native Spanish speaker and also has a command of basic Italian. As a Spanish second language (SSL) educator and as an artist, Jenna encourages her students to engage in their language acquisition process through a construct yet rigorous academic approach to learning. She strives to provide students with a safe learning environment where their voices are heard, by becoming an asset to their learning process herself.
In her spare time, Jenna is often at her studio in Brooklyn, making cartographic maps that represent the places she has visited. She has a passion for reading and learning all about spaces and architecture, which often influence her work both as an artist and as an educator]Jenna’s earlier work was as the head counselor in the Spanish immersion program at Bank Street’s summer camp in New York, where she designed a safe and fun learning experience for her students by implementing a progressive approach in language learning. Having spent time at the Pratt Institute earlier in her career as an after-school art teacher for at-risk youth. She has also been a family program educator at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York, where she developed, implemented and taught Saturday family workshops and weekly early childhood programs in two languages. Jenna started as a fine arts teacher in summer programs for middle school students at the Fashion Institute of Technology on courses that included the academic exploration of both classical and modern art.