Learning Assessment After Each GameAfter Each Game:

GML offers a wide variety of games and resources that help make memorizing new information fun and painless. Each game is designed to test retained knowledge and prepare each student for the next lesson.

Learning Assessment After Each LessonAfter Each Lesson:

Once student completes practicing with the games, they are required to take a test to ensure that they are up-to-speed on what they have learned. Tests are submitted to the instructor at the click of a button! These tests help the instructor keep note of each student’s progress identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

Learning Assessment During Each LessonDuring Each Lesson:

Students are required to showcase their progress during each lesson by reading and translating scripted dialogues using vocabulary learned in previous lessons. This enforces interaction and ensures students do their homework.

Learning Assessment After Completion of ProgramAfter Completion of Program:

At the end of the program an advanced test is given for learning assessment and results are submitted to instructor to determine if you have passed the entire course.

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