Muna Saleh founded Great Minds Learn in 2011, after years of teaching Arabic and Tigrinya to individuals and corporate groups. A native Eritrean born in Saudi Arabia, spent her teen years in the United Kingdom, she now makes her home in New York City. Ms. Saleh is fluent in English, Tigrinya, and Arabic, and has been teaching for eight years.

She has created a truly unconventional approach, based on the best practices and effective learning techniques, combined with the most innovative learning tools, resulting in a learning process that is totally customizable for every student.

This program is based on a proprietary course curriculum that she developed with over thirty teachers, bringing decades of experience to the table. It is taught through a proprietary teaching and learning platform, developed by Great Minds Learn.

Ms. Saleh has been teaching in settings, ranging from one-on-one, to private groups, to homes and in corporate training rooms. Her innovative methods have been utilized by such organizations as the United Nations, Fox News, and CNN. Her students range in age from toddlers to senior citizens; each group presenting its own unique challenges. In 2011, Ms. Saleh  modified her material and her methods, and moved to online teaching, with the objective of making online language learning affordable, convenient, and most of all effective. Her online training is based on an unconventional teaching method that enables students to master the formulas that exist in every language regarding its structure. This helps students master the vocabulary and the practical grammar they will need to communicate clearly and effectively. Her innovative approach includes learning through games, traditional methods, discussions, quizzes, homework, small online group experiences, interactive online class sessions, and tutoring. She takes advantage of the major methodologies of learning: auditory, kinesthetic, visual, or some combination of the three, to create a course uniquely suited to each student’s abilities.

Her newest venture, Great Minds Learn, is geared toward the self-directed student. It provides online courses in a number of languages, with 24/7 online support, as well as a number of resources geared to making mastering the basics of a language an easy and comfortable process. These courses are suitable for students who enjoy learning on their own or through group interaction and games.