Visual Learning Course FeaturesVisual Learning:

GML course features aids learners who often connect pictures in their mind with words and concepts via flash cards and other visual memory cues. Homework is tailored for each lesson to prepare and test students for the next class.

Repetitive LearningAuditory & Repetitive Learning:

GML’s recording tool allows students to listen to sounds, vocab and sentences assigned for each lesson by their instructor. Students then record & play back their own pronunciation for comparison. Everything is also quick & easy to download for later reference.

Tactile or Kinesthetic LearningTactile or Kinesthetic Learning:

Do you learn best by physically doing something? Let GML’s interactive language learning games make learning fun, memorable and an enjoyable hands-on experience. Practice everything you learned in the lesson through games and submit test results to your teacher.


Combination LearningCombination Learning:

If you need to use multiple methods simultaneously – reading, games, hearing, speaking, writing – to learn new material, you’re what we consider a “combination” learner. Fortunately, GML provides a variety of online language learning tools to meet your educational demands.

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Homework is tailored by an instructor to prepare and test students for each lesson.