Great Minds Learn (GML) was founded in 2011 by Muna Saleh, a veteran Arabic and Tigrinya language teacher, with hundreds of students of all ages to her credit. GML has taken the industry’s best practices, and curated them into a program utilizing cutting-edge online educational tools and instructions. Under Muna’s guidance and with the help of over 30 highly experienced foreign language instructors from across the globe– a staff of developers and online learning experts–she has created a completely customizable online language learning experience.

GML’s instructors hail from all over the world, and bring decades of experience, along with excellent qualifications, to the table. Once evaluated and hired by GML, they go through an intense online training course, preparing them to handle all aspects of teaching our innovative and proprietary curriculum.
Whether you want to take a crash course to refresh your memory of a language you used to know well or you want to become completely fluent in a language you’ve never spoken before, Great Minds Learn can help you achieve your goal. Whatever your preferred style of learning–auditory, kinesthetic, visual, or some combination of the three–Great Minds Learn provides one-on-one classes, small group online classroom experiences, interactive games, homework assignments, quizzes and more, to meet your needs. Furthermore, Great Minds Learn is able to accommodate whatever technology you use, whether you prefer to listen to audio lessons on your mp3 player or to access the lessons and games via your iPad, laptop, or tablet. Thanks to the Internet’s power and portability, learning a language on the go has never been easier.


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